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Download Q & A
Download Q & A


Q:  How do the downloads differ from the DVD's? 

They contain the same lessons. With the download you don't have to wait for the items to be shipped and they are less expensive. The downloads also have been updated to contain printable worksheets to enhance your learning experience.

Q:  Where are the worksheets?

Each zip file contains the worksheets needed for that particular Level. You will also get a shopping list for the supplies needed; a chapter index of skills covered in the Level, and a description of what type of pattern is needed for completion of the Level.

Q:  Why are the full Level downloads so large?

Video files are very large by nature. We have compressed the files and they will be sent in sections.

 Q:  What do you mean, you will send in sections?

When you purchase a full Level video, they are broken down into smaller files. 

Many internet providers will time out if you try to download a very large file. By having smaller files your download experience will be easier.

Q:  How do I download my files?

Once your order has been approved, your download will be enabled. You will receive an email from us saying your order has been shipped, this means you downloads are available.

Then, sign in to your account and click on the order status tab.

You will see a pink button that says “start download”, click on this if you wish to continue.

     To start the download immediately, click open.

     To copy the download to your computer for viewing at a later time, click save.

     To cancel the download, click cancel.

Open the zip folder and your files are there along with applicable worksheets.

Q:  Why are the files in download format and not streaming?

We view the download method as a more effective method to view videos.

When streaming from the internet, you must be connected to the internet to receive and watch. For a smooth viewing experience you must have a high speed connection.

Factors such the number of people watching videos at the same time can influence how well the media is streamed to you. Also once your subscription ends, so does your access.

A downloaded file needs to be downloaded only once. It is available whenever and whenever you want to play it. The advantage is that you can then play it again and again as many times as you want.

Q:  Will I have trouble downloading these files?

You should not; we keep each file below 500 MB. 

Q:  What if my download does times out?

Contact us and we can re-set the number of attempts you have. A possible reason for not being able to complete a download is that your Internet service provider (ISP) may be automatically terminating your Internet connection after it has been idle for a specific number of minutes. If this continues to happen contact your ISP to disable the automatic termination of your connection when downloading files.

Q:  What if I get an error during my download?

Please copy and email us the error that you got, so that we can better assist you. We will re-set the file so that you can try again. It is important to us that you receive the product you ordered.

Q:  Can I download to my iPad or iPhone?

Yes, if your device has enough space for the file. If you have trouble downloading to either of these devices, it is suggested to download to your computer, un-zip the files and then copy the .mp4 files to your other devices. If your device is not equipped to open zipped files, you can download an app that will open zip files.

Q:  What if I continue to have trouble with my downloads?

We are just a phone call or email away for assistance. You also have the option of getting the MP4 file and worksheets mailed to you. If you have purchased just the download and wish to get the MP4 mailed, just let us know to charge you the difference in cost and we can mail you the DVD with the MP4 files and worksheets.

 Q:  May I share my download?

 No, the program is protected under copyright law and you are the sole owner and we request that you honor not sharing files with others. Please feel free to refer your friends to us.




Common questions about downloadable files.
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