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We have the best method for you to learn how to sew. We have teachers worldwide using our program. Would you like to take lessons from one of our teachers or learn by DVD?

The You Can Make It 'Learn to Sew' method of sewing is designed to teach you everything about sewing..


It is a seven level program which will build your skills. You may join us at any Level, depending on your present sewing experience.

Our teachers & DVD's follow the You Can Make It 'Learn to Sew' method and will teach you a skill that you can use for a lifetime and enjoy yourself in the process.
You will receive a student booklet from our teachers for the more detailed tasks and a patch when you complete a Level...

Whether by DVD or from a teacher that is local to you, you will learn with the newest, most comprehensive & detailed method.



  • Learn the latest tricks, short cuts & techniques. We made sewing fun... and easy!


  • We build skills in the correct progression! Teaching you: WHAT you should be taught, WHEN you should be taught and ALL you should be taught about sewing!


  • We leave NOTHING out, even where to put that first pin! Every detail is covered, explained and shown.

This is a hands on program, you will learn by doing, not by lecturing.  In each Level you will complete a garment. There is a pattern requirement and a fabric requirement. We use commercial patterns and again you may choose what you like.

We will meet all your needs so that you can learn how to sew. You have the choice of purchasing your pattern and fabric from your local fabric store or from some of the best suppliers in the industry, that are working in cooperation with us.

We will tell you specifically what you need to start sewing, how to get it, & where to get it at your convenience. 

Not only do we teach ALL sewing skills, Level 2 will start building your alteration skills. By the time you complete Level 7 of our You Can Make It 'Learn to Sew' Program, you will be considered an expert sewer.  So, we will not only teach you how to sew but make sure that You Can Make It.

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If you want to Learn How To Sew from a Licensed You Can Make It Teacher... Simply fill out this form or give us a call at: 1-888-LRN-2-SEW (1-888-576-2739) and one of our friendly You Can Make It representatives will be happy to help you locate a teacher in your area! 

But... if you would like to 'Learn To Sew' by DVD, then read on!

ALL of our Level video's are complete.  We have Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 & Level 7.  They are available in VHS or DVD format. Each Level video comes with a handy shopping list for supplies. Each DVD Level is indexed with chapters for easy and quick viewing. Each VHS Level has a time coded listing for easy and quick reference. Each Level is supplied in a hard cover case for years of protection.

Level One:

If you have no sewing experience or need a refresher, this is the one for you!

We will start you off right. We will show you everything about: Patterns; choosing, sizing, & understanding. Guide Sheets, Tissues, Cutting, Marking, Sewing, Hemming and SO MUCH MORE.

Approx. 2 hrs. (100 minutes)

Level Two:

If you have some sewing experience. This is the one for you!

With your basic knowledge, we will show you everything about: Print Fabrics, Altering Skirt Patterns, Darts, Pleats, Zippers, Waistbands, Velcro, Buttons, Straps, Hooks and SO MUCH MORE.

Approx 2˝ hrs. (130 minutes)

Level Three:

Do you want to take your sewing to the experienced Level? Then this is the one for you!

With your Level 1 & 2 knowledge you are ready. We will show you how to do:  Facings, Collars, Sleeves, Front Closures, Ruffles, Pockets, Sheer Fabrics and SO MUCH MORE.

2˝ hrs. (150 minutes)

Level Four:

Ready for some fun? Then this is the one for you!

See how easy advanced techniques can be.

We will show you everything about: Stripes & Plaids; Easy Layouts & Matching, Altering Jumper Patterns, Bias Tape, Piping, Stitched Elastic and SO MUCH MORE.

Approx. 2hrs. (100 minutes)

Level Five:

If you want to see how really easy sewing can be.  This is the one for you! 

Learn ALL there is to know about PANTS.  We will show you how to make them and how to fit them. Learn all about working with Napped Fabrics, Lapped & Invisible Zippers, Pockets, Belt Carriers, Eyelets and SO MUCH MORE.

Approx. 2hrs. (100 minutes)

Level Six:

If you want professional looking garments and achieve a perfect fit. This is the one for you!

We will show you how to do buttonholes, collars, sleeves, plackets, button cuffs, special closures and SO MUCH MORE.

Approx. 2hrs. (105 minutes)

Level Seven:

Do you think tailoring skills are difficult? We will change your mind with our Level 7!

We will show you how to do welt pockets, bound buttonholes, linings and SO MUCH MORE.

2hrs. = (120 minutes)

Note: It is highly recommended to also purchase the Level 7 student booklet to supplement this Level 7 DVD. The skills in Level 7 are very detailed and the student booklet is a GREAT reference.

For more detail of what you will learn with the You Can Make It 'Learn to Sew' videos and the chance to view some video clips Click Here.

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    To print out an order form (.pdf file), CLICK HERE. Then either fax to us at (610) 760-9192 ,mail to our main offices, or call us toll free at 1-888-LRN-2-SEW.

    Our video's are available through:

    • Our Main Office / Online Store
    • Any of our Licensed YCMI Teachers. (National & International).
    • Your local fabric store. (If not available at your local fabric store, be sure to ask them when they will be available!)

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