Why Learn to Sew




Why Learn to Sew?

by Jacqueline Thornley

Jacqueline took the decision to switch from a stressful and hectic career in the city, to become a work-from-home mom when her daughters were born. She divides her time between writing articles and learning and developing her handicraft skills, such as sewing, knitting and her latest passion, which is quilt making"


Why Children Should Learn The Art Of Sewing

Today’s crafters are getting younger; according to the Association for Creative Industries, 41% of crafters are millennials, aged 18-34.  This is really encouraging news as traditional crafts such as sewing have so much to offer young people. From improving mental health, teaching future generations to be thrifty, and helping the environment, sewing is here to stay.  That’s why programs such as You Can Make It "For Kids" are so important; if youngsters can learn these skills now, they will have many years ahead of them to enjoy the benefits.


Creating better mental health

An estimated 1 in 5 young people experience a severe mental health disorder at some point during their life, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Creative activities such as sewing and knitting have been shown to help improve mental health and happiness, boosting self esteem and confidence.  When a person concentrates on creating something, they enter a state of flow in which anxieties and outside pressures can be forgotten, and a sense of satisfaction or achievement follows.  Children will also really benefit from your time and undivided attention in teaching them to sew; it may even be a neat opportunity to spend time with grandparents who may also relish the chance to pass on these skills.  Add plenty of praise and encouragement and watch your child flourish.


Teaching thriftiness for life

Modern youngsters are less financially comfortable than ever; for example, almost half of millennials have delayed buying a home compared with 29% of the general population, and 40% have taken out loans in order to buy a car.  Thriftiness and home economy will increasingly be seen as essential life skills; just as teaching your children to budget, cook sensibly and maintain the car is important, so too is equipping them with the basic skills to mend hems, replace buttons or alter a skirt.  Start with a basic sewing machine for your child to learn on, so that you can see how they take to the craft before committing to a more advanced level.


Helping the planet

At present, more than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the US.  As fashion designers and high street clothing chains try to improve their use of recyclable materials and work to reduce so-called ‘disposable fashion’, you can help your family do its bit for the planet too.  Teaching your child to alter and adapt unwanted clothes can make a huge difference in reducing what goes to landfill, as well encouraging individuality and self expression.

Traditional crafts such as sewing can offer so much to today’s young people.  From boosting mental health and happiness to setting them up with thrifty habits for life, passing on a love of sewing can offer much more than you might expect.  It’s also a great way to play your part in helping the environment. Help your child to discover the joy of sewing; a brighter future is at their fingertips.

Advantages to learning to sew

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